Vienna, IL teen beating the odds after life-threatening medical condition

VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - A Vienna, Illinois teenager making an amazing recovery against big odds.

In August, Christian Butcher had to be flown to St. Louis Children's hospital with a life-threatening medical condition.

Lyla Murrie reflects on the day her son, Christian Bucher, had to be flown to St. Louis Children's hospital after complaints of sudden severe headaches and vomiting.

"Day one was probably the most horrible day of our life. He was on a feeding tube, breathing tube, all kinds of monitors and wires," said Murrie.

"When he got here he had a hemorrhage in his brain also in an area of the brain called the ventricles," said Dr. Jennifer Strahle."

This caused severe swelling in his brain.

"So the blood was actually pushing on his brain stem. And that resulted in him being in a coma when he came in," Dr. Strahle added.

The doctor says she had to act immediately so they took him to the operating room.

"We took off the bone in the back of his back of his head and also removed the blood clot that was pushing on his brain stem," Strahle said.

And to his mother's great delight it worked.

"Now he's walking, talking, writing, listening to music, watching TV," Murrie said.

Dr. Strahle says Christian is one lucky kid. The doctor says that doctors don't necessarily see these things in people who are that sick.

But his mother says she and the rest of Christian's loved ones always believed in him.

"We always knew that Christian would pull through because we know how strong he is," Murrie said. " It's just great to see him prove it to the doctors and everybody else who didn't think he could."

Murrie and her husband have been staying in St. Louis since Christian was admitted to the children's hospital, and say they are all ready to get back home.

The mortality rate in the first 30 days after the hemorrhage is about 50 percent -  which is the highest for any type of stroke.

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