Murphysboro students learn about forestry at SIU

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Around 170 Caruthers Elementary School fourth grade students went out on an adventure to learn about the different aspects of forestry on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

They all met on Southern Illinois University Campus. That is where they broke into groups and learned several different aspects including types of trees, vegetation, chopping logs and tree climbing from the SIU Forestry Club.

SIU Dave Tippy Superintendent of Grounds said the students surprised him with their knowledge about trees.

"They've obviously got some interest and they've had some learning experiences already about some of these topics," Tippy said. "I think they're really excited about learning more about trees, and how they help the environment and mankind in general."

Tippy said he hopes all the kids involved in the event takes away some knowledge to help them in the future.

"Some of them may go on to be great foresters or arborists or work in the fruit production business," Tippy said. "Whatever would tie into this. This is maybe, you never know, might be the spark for some of them."

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