Farmington-Based Reserve Unit Called to Active Duty

Farmington-Based Reserve Unit Called to Active Duty
By: Lauren Keith

Farmington, MO -- About 119 soldiers with a Farmington-based Army reserve unit will leave next week for training in Fort sill, Oklahoma.
After that, they'll head into war, but their tour*possibly won't be as long as other units’, especially with news that troops could pull out of Iraq, as soon as 2006.
Meanwhile, the Farmington unit prepares to leave for active duty next week.

The troops train for combat, even as they eat!  These soldiers must keep their weapons on them at all times, just as they will in Iraq.

Perryville soldier Matthew Mungle says that alone is a bit hard to get used to, but it also fires him up to head into war.  " It's a lot of hi-speed training to get ready to go over there," said E-4 Spc. Mungle.

Mungle admits he's a bit surprised he wasn't called to active duty, before now.  " I know it's going to take time to rebuild Iraq, if I didn't get deployed now, I'm sure it will still be later on," he said.

Mungle and other soldiers wonder if their tour will even last a full year, especially with the announcement that American troops may start pulling out sometime next year.  "Whatever happens, and if he says come home, we'll come home in 2006, and if we don't, we have and job to do, and we're proud to do it," said 2nd Lt. Neil Goff.

These soldiers say it's that kind of mindset that will help carry them through their time away from family, friends, and Farmington “ Just know that I love ‘em, and hopefully, I’ll come home safe,” said Matthew Mungle.  This unit heads to Fort Sill, sometime next week--- in Iraq, by October.