Husband and Wife Head to War

Husband and Wife Head to War
By: Lauren Keith

Farmington, MO -- In just a matter of days, 119 area men and women will go from living their everyday, normal lives to living as soldiers in combat.

Members of the Farmington-based army reserve unit will answer the call to duty next week, heading first toFort Sill, Oklahoma, and then to Iraq, but a man and a woman in this unit have some very special another.

Peggy and Paul Bijonowski are husband and wife, and they’re now headed to war.  "It's great to have him here, somebody I can talk to," says Peggy.

When she first learned of her upcoming tour, her husband, Paul, immediately said he was going, too!  "I was planning on going back anyways, and then this all fell in line with what we're doing," says Paul.

Paul has already fought a full year in Iraq. To him, it's his duty to continue to serve his country and be his wife's comrade, as well.  "We don't have children, we've got each other, so it works out good,” says Paul.

Peggy claims she just may have a slight advantage over the other soldiers.  For the last two months, she's heard firsthand, from her husband, what war will be like and what to possibly expect.  “I'm ready as I'll ever be. It's a mindset," says Peggy.

The couple says their parents need a certain mindset, too, as they both now head into a war zone.  " That helps a bunch, but still their baby girl is going to Iraq , so that's hard," says Peggy.  The unit will head sometime next week to Fort Sill, and a second lieutenant says his troops should reach Iraq by fall.