Sikeston DPS gets upgraded body cameras

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Sikeston DPS Officers have an upgrade to make their job safer and more efficient.

They recently acquired 24 Motorola Si500 body cameras. That is one for each patrol officer.

"They're amazing!" Sikeston DPS Officer Martin Simmerman said.

We spoke with Officer Simmerman about how they operate and compared them to the past devices they have used.

"Before, you had this cord. You have to wrap it around your shirt. It gets tangled up in the seatbelt in your patrol unit, it gets caught on things in houses, during struggle it gets caught on the suspect," Simmerman said. "It's very dysfunctional."

Simmerman also said using their old body cameras were sometimes unreliable and that they wouldn't get a good angle of recorded video if they did get caught on something and fell to the ground.

"This new body camera is always on your shirt, it's not going to go anywhere and the camera shot is not going to change," Simmerman added. "It's going to be the same in the beginning of the shift as the end."

The Motorola Si500 device with accessories costs $1,800. The officers wear the device on the front of their uniform and are able to use the device for video, pictures, talk back to dispatch and more.

It uses blue tooth technology and officers are able to store anything it recorded for later use.

"It's reassuring to know when you go to court that the defense attorney cannot tear apart your case because everything you do is now recorded," Simmerman said. "You're accountable for all your actions. Even if the person you take into custody says you did something you didn't do, you have a first person view of what actually happened and took place. There is no denying the camera."

Officers already have the new device and have been using them for the past couple of months.

The Sikeston American Legion Post 114 also purchased a Motorola Si500 which they then donated to Sikeston DPS as well.

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