Cape Girardeau, MO couple's neighbor saves them from scam

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau couple is breathing easier now after a neighbor helped them realize that they did not win $1 million dollars.  It turns out, they were being scammed.

Kenneth is 92 and Martha is a couple years younger than him. They got a call that could have cost them thousands until their neighbor helped out.

The callers claimed they had won a million dollar give away from Publishers Clearing House but when they told their neighbor Joe McLemore he double checked the call.

That's when they discovered it was in fact a scam.

Even though Joe found out for sure, the Benders said they were always skeptical.

"Somebody calls and says you've won a million dollars you're skeptical right off the bat," said Kenneth Bender.

"I hope that I had [won] but I doubted that I had," said Martha Bender.

But McLemore knew almost immediately it was a scam and called the real PCH.

They told McLemore and the Bender's that no one is contacted over the phone if they have won a sweepstake.

If you are concerned you have been scammed or are curious if you have actually won, call PCH for details.

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