East Prairie District closes old high school after deemed 'unsafe'

EAST PRAIRIE, MO (KFVS) - The old high school building in East Prairie, Missouri is being cleaned out after an insurance representative deemed it unsafe.

The school has been used as a sort of museum for old high school memorabilia, ran by the Save Our School Alumni Group.

The Save Our School Alumni Group has been leasing the building since 2004 as a place to keep alumni memorabilia.

In September, the group asked the school board for a 99-year lease and the board unanimously voted against it.

Superintendent Leslie Jones said the district's insurance company deemed the building unsafe.

"There's lead paint involved, there's asbestos, there's mold, it's not just one issue its multiple issues," said Jones. 
 Now the building is being closed and the memorabilia has to be removed.

"Do we like it? No, but it's not our school so we are willing to do what we have to do," said Sue Martin, a member of the Save Our School Alumni Group.

Martin said the group is looking for a new building to hold this memorabilia.

Jones said that she doubts remodeling will be an option, but if the district decides to tear the building down the group will try to save whatever it can.

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