Hulling station: Black walnut demand higher than ever

Hulling station: Black walnut demand higher than ever

(KFVS) - A hulling station company says the demand for black walnuts is higher than ever.

According to Hammons hulling station, opening prices of $15 per 100 pounds (after hulling) is an all-time high. They say prices can vary later in the season, so harvesters are encouraged to bring the walnuts in soon after they fall.

The black walnut harvest began on October 2 and lasts through the month. They are collected by hand and sold to hulling stations.

According to Hammons, the whole walnut has benefits such as abrasive cleaning, water filtration and in the oil industry.

The shells can provide a safe alternative to popular methods like sandblasting, without the risks included. They can be used to blast clean and polish soft metals, fiberglass, plastic wood and stone without the risk of scratching.

The oil industry uses black walnut shells to fill fracture seals. Because of their ideal particle size, they can be used when conventional materials may not work. The shells also have high strength yields and can withstand high temperatures.

Black walnut shells are an environmentally friendly way to filter water.

You can click here to find some hulling station locations.

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