Heartland man writes song to cope with Vegas tragedy

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - A Heartland man finds a way to cope with all the tragedies in our nation through a song. 

Jaron Lee Roe isn't a trained musician, but the Shawneetown man's dedication turned his hobby into a career. And now, the tragedy in Las Vegas has turned his focus to a song inspired by how we're all feeling.

The song, titled, "Trying Times" says, "These are trying times, see the signs, read between the lines, these are trying times."

Roe says, "I feel like with all the shootings going on. It has to be addressed and somebody has to speak up. I feel like they are ignoring the problem and acting like it's not there. Hoping it will go away, but we have to use our voice in a positive way."

But Roe tells me the process has not been easy. "Producing for one thing, especially a song like this is quite emotional, I've been guilty of crying during the composition and the work of the song. I mean it was a hard song to get through really."

But the purpose behind the song keeps him motivated…and sometimes speechless. "I just want to say that my heart goes out the family. And I know that anything that I say cannot take away the pain that went on in their lives. I know that words can't make it better I just – I'm at a lost of words for everything really."

As he plays the guitar he says, "I would like my music to bring all races and all creeds together as a place where they won't feel violated or judged in any manner. Like I want this to be a safe place."

Click here if you would like to download the song or even watch the lyric video.

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