Piedmont, MO couple talks about being in the middle of mass shooting

PIEDMONT, MO (KFVS) - A couple from Piedmont, Missouri was at the concert in Las Vegas when shots rang out.

Kent Sisco and Mallorie Shriver couldn't talk about their last night in Vegas without tearing up, the thoughts of gun shots and people screaming and running are still very fresh in their minds.

The pair said when they first heard the shots, they initially thought they were the sound of fireworks.

"And then he unleashed and I said that's not fireworks," said Kent Sisco.

That's when Sisco and Shriver ran out of the concert venue as fast as they could.

Shriver said they didn't stop running until they got to their hotel and she immediately made a call home.

"I called my mom to tell her goodbye and to tell her to tell my kids that I love them like we had no idea what was going on, it was really scary," said Shriver.

Sisco said he won't let fear win.

"I refuse to let him win if they have that event next year I'll go,  I don't know that I would have before, but i will now," said Sisco.

Both Sisco and Shriver said what impressed them most was the selfless acts of so many people trying to help others, especially the event staff who stayed and tried to direct people.

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