Mother and Son Found Dead

Mother and Son Found Dead
By:  Wes Wallace 

Cape Girardeau, MO -- A gruesome discovery this afternoon, for a Cape Girardeau woman who went to check on her friends.  When she went inside the home on the 600-block of Themis, she found 63-year old Clarence Rogers and his mother Glenda Rogers dead.   She then called police.
"They'd been in the home for several days, you could tell because of the odor," explains Sgt. Barry Hovis, with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.
The family friend, who didn't want to give her name, said she last saw Clarence and Glenda Rogers on Sunday.   The two live in a home with no air conditioning, but police aren't commenting yet if the extreme heat played a role in their deaths.
"Anything right now is a possibility," explains Sgt. Hovis, "We don't suspect foul play, but we'll wait on autopsy results to find out for sure the cause of death."
Another friend, Bob Lamb says he checks in on the Rogers every so often, and was about to pay them another visit, "I usualy come here about once a month, I was time to come again, and I didn't even think about them not having air conditioning."
An autopsy for Clarence Rogers is scheduled for Thursday morning, but the results probably won't be available for a few weeks.  That's when investigators hope to find out what happened to the mother and son.