Preparing for active shooter situation wherever you are

Preparing for active shooter situation wherever you are

(KFVS) - From churches to concerts to company Christmas parties, active shooter situations can happen anywhere.

Officer Jayson Morgan with Southeast Missouri State's Department of Public Safety wants to make sure you are prepared.

Officer Morgan is not only an officer at the university, but their active shooter instructor as well.

He said you never know when something like this could happen, but there are some easy ways to prepare for the worst.

  • Know your exits. Morgan says you can look at the venue's map online, and even look at a google map to see the easiest street exit route.
  • If you can't get out - duck and cover. If you can find a room to barricade yourself in, or even a brick wall to hide behind would work.
  • Create a meeting point with your party, and have contact information written down.

He said keeping these in mind can make a huge difference.

"When these situations occur people aren't sure what to do. They're not sure how they should react to it. That alone will give you a sense of empowerment - having a plan in action. The main thing to keep in mind when these events occur - the worst thing you can do is nothing. Right? We don't want you doing nothing," Officer Morgan said.

Morgan said when reacting you want to run, hide, and then fight - in that order.

Don't worry about staying in the situation, and get out as fast as you can in a safe manner.

Morgan said your perception is reality. If you think you hear gunshots or screaming, react. If it turns out to be nothing, at least you were prepared.

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