Ameren MO urges Cape Girardeau-area customers to beware of scammers

Ameren MO urges Cape Girardeau-area customers to beware of scammers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Ameren Missouri officials said that they have received several reports from small businesses in Cape Girardeau of suspicious activity.

The company is providing tips to customers in the Cape Girardeau area to help make them aware of scam artists.

According to officials, most of the incidents were phone calls from scammers who threatened immediate disconnection of utility service unless a payment was made from a pre-paid debit card.

These tips are to protect customers against scammers:

  • Never give your credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or savings account numbers to anyone who comes to your home, calls or sends an email requesting this information. Ameren Missouri never demands personal, account or financial information for immediate payment.
  • Never let anyone into your home claiming to be from the utility unless they show proper Ameren Missouri badge identification. Ameren Missouri employees are not allowed to take payments in the field.
  • Never open email attachments unless you've contacted Ameren Missouri for specific information. Ameren Missouri never sends emails with attachments included, unless you've contacted the company to specifically request information.

If you suspect someone is impersonating an Ameren Missouri employee, end the conversation and immediately call Ameren Missouri at 1.800.552.7583. Customers can also follow Ameren Missouri on social media to receive the latest updates on fraudulent account activity.

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