Teacher comments on cursive in elementary schools

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Gov. Rauner vetoed a bill over the weekend that would have required children to learn cursive before they leave the 5th grade.

Some say it is important for children to know how to read and write in cursive so they can sign their name on important documents. Others argue children need the skill so they are able to read historical documents or other things written in cursive.

3rd grade teacher,  Brooke Crombar, isn't required to teach cursive, but she said she still does with her class at Giant City Elementary.

"It's important that they are able to read it when others use it. Although it's something they may choose not to do on their own in society. If other people use it its important, I believe, for them to be able to read what their given."

Crombar said she sets aside time for her students to have a cursive lesson 2-4 times a week. She also said that she doesn't have much of an opinion on Rauner vetoing the bill and that she will continue to teach her students cursive.

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