Holcomb Police Officer in Trouble With the Law

Holcomb Police Officer in Trouble With the Law
By:  Ryan Tate
Holcomb, MO -- Former Holcomb Police Officer Jamie DeCourley was arrested earlier this week, for what Police Chief Bob Hallum calls, a "disturbance."
DeCourley says, it happened late Sunday Night and early Monday morning, and it involved a woman from Holcomb. No charges have been filed against DeCourley by Dunklin County Prosecutors. The Holcomb Police Department used to be made up of DeCourley and Hallum, but DeCourley says he quit before the incident happened. Now Hallum is the only one left.
"I'll be on call 24-hours a day until we get this other thing worked out," Chief Hallum says. Hallum has been Holcomb Police Chief for five years. During some of that time, he was the only officer in the department. He is again.
"He'll manage right now. The council's job and my job is to find him another officer to take care of Holcomb 24 hours a day," Mayor Max Clark said. Clark says that search begins as soon as possible.
Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder tells Heartland News Chief Hallum is investigating the case.