Parent saved after collapsing at a Heartland football game

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Some quick action and an AED recently saved the life of a parent who collapsed at Heartland football game.

On a typical day, walking the halls around the New Madrid County R-I School District, you'll find Danny Darnall.

He runs the the maintenance department.

And after what happened at a recent middle school football game, you could say he's pretty handy to have around.

"I was there to watch a football game," said Darnall. "That's what I was there for, you know, I enjoy watching the football. There's usually not much for me to do at a football game, but if something tears up, something happens, I'm there for them to call on me."

But on this particular night, Danny got a call for something he didn't expect.

A parent from the visiting team had a medical emergency in the stands.

Darnell, who has 10 years of experience as a firefighter and first responder, was the first one out their to help.

"When I got up there, I could tell immediately that he wasn't overheated," Darnall said. "He took about two breaths. They were real faint breaths, real light.  He stopped breathing and had no pulse."

School resource officer Carl Kimball immediately rushed in with an AED.

"I started chest compressions and I said get it ready," Darnall said. "I shocked him, started back CPR.  He started breathing. I got a pulse and then we lost him again."

That same thing continued to happen 3 more times.

"There we so many people around us, but all you could hear was this man's son in the background, daddy don't die, and what do you do?" Officer Carl Kimball said. "You don't give up."

It was that voice that kept Danny and Carl going for nearly 15 minutes until the ambulance got there.

The parent was taken to the hospital and ultimately survived thanks to their quick action.

"You know I'm thinking this guys was the same age as me, but it's just good if more people are trained," said Darnall.

"The good guys won that night," Kimball said. "It was very emotional afterward."

Darnell says he is just happy things turned out the way they did and hopes more people become CPR trained.

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