City of Carbondale to decide on new plans for old firehouse

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The city of Carbondale, Illinois has decided what to do with the old firehouse on Oakland Ave. and Walnut St. after their city council meeting on September 19th.

The city council had two different proposals presented to them. One of these proposals was put forward with an $82,000 bid to change the building into a farm-to-table restaurant.

The city council chose to move forward with a second proposal which seeks to change the old firehouse into a work place for artists to do large-scale projects.

Additionally, this proposal suggests a portion of the firehouse being turned into a small bar room to showcase products from local breweries. This came with a bid of $50,000.

"We hope that, long term, it brings a population of creative people to Carbondale. That it keeps people from feeling like they have to move out of Carbondale to find the resources we're planning on offering them. We want to strengthen the artistic dynamic in Carbondale," says John Deas, one of the entrepreneurs who submitted the proposal to change the firehouse into a creative space.

The city said the sale of city property to private business owners isn't based on the amount of money alone. Rather, the city will choose the plan they believe will benefit the city the most.

Carbondale City Council members said they hope to come to a decision on which proposal to move forward with Tuesday's, September 19, council meeting.

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