Broseley, MO man accused of murdering father

BUTLER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A Broseley, Missouri man is accused of murdering his father and trying to have his wife killed.

Kevin E. Hayes, 54, was charged with first degree murder.

According to the probable cause statement, Hayes' father, Floyd Hayes, died on September 4, 2016 at his home in Broseley. A funeral home director was called to Floyd Hayes' home by Amanda Hayes, Kevin Hayes' wife.

When he arrived, the funeral home director said Kevin and Amanda Hayes were there. According to court documents, Kevin Hayes was highly intoxicated.

When Amanda Hayes was interviewed on Sept. 13, 2017, authorities say she was highly emotional and worried that Kevin Hayes was going to kill her.

She allegedly stated that Kevin and his father had a disagreement on Sept. 4 over Kevin's request to take over ownership and operations of the family farm.

According to court documents, she said Kevin was irate because his father told him no because of his drug and alcohol abuse.

Kevin Hayes allegedly told her he wished his father would go ahead and die and allegedly stated, "I'm going to end it" then walked to Floyd Hayes' bedroom.

Amanda allegedly told authorities that Kevin walked out of the bedroom and told her his father was dead and that he suffocated him by holding a pillow over his face.

Authorities say she told them she was instructed to call the funeral home director at White Sanders Funeral Home.

Amanda said Kevin Hayes did inherit the family farm after Floyd's death and that he sold the farm for a price in excess of $350,000.

According to authorities, a check of the records in the Butler County recorder of deeds office confirmed the sale.

On August 19, 2017, authorities say Hayes made a recorded jail phone call to a bondsman in which he asked the man to "have a firm conversation with Hayes' wife."

According to authorities, there is an order of protection against Kevin Hayes keeping him from all communications and contact with Amanda Hayes, his wife.

Hayes allegedly said he wanted the bondsman to talk to his wife, and sway her from continuing a protection order by mentioning his father and the date "September 4th."

He allegedly said, "if she wants to set behind bars for 30 [expletive] years, she better think about it."

Hayes also allegedly said, "I can do my time, can she do hers?"

On Sept. 14, 2017, authorities say an inmate that shared a jail pod with Kevin Hayes claimed Hayes confided in him that he needed a good divorce lawyer and a lawyer for murder. The inmate allegedly said he assumed Hayes meant he planned to kill his wife, however, Hayes corrected him and said he had "helped his 85-year-old father take his last breath by suffocating him with a pillow."

According to the probable cause statement, another inmate claimed Kevin Hayes tried to hire him to kill his wife, a witness in the case.

Hayes allegedly offered the inmate two vehicles in exchange for killing her, a Ford Escape and a Ford Focus.

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