Judge Dismisses Charges Against Cairo Mayor, Clerk

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Cairo Mayor, Clerk
By:  Ryan Tate

Cairo, IL -- A Southern Illinois Judge dismissed the forgery and misconduct charges against Cairo Mayor Paul Farris, Clerk DeBran Sudduth, and former treasurer Charles McGinnis. The judge ruled there was no probable cause for any of the charges.
"I feel vindicated," Farris said in a Monday news conference. "I've got a job to do. A job the tax payers pay me to do."
Farris defense attorney and former City Attorney Alan McIntyre believes the charges were politically motivated. He says Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has friends in Alexander County who want Farris out of office. He also thinks the charges were a tool to help stop the Mayor from implementing his policies.
The charges stemmed from an incident in 2003, when Farris, Sudduth and McGinnis opened a bank account in Mounds for city funds. The former defendants claim the Cairo bank they dealt with would not accept their signatures for city business. So to pay city employees, they felt it was necessary to open a new account.
Madigan filed the charges back in May.  McIntyre says, there are no plans at this point to file a civil suit against the State in response to charges filed against his client.