This week in music: 1966 The Supremes

This week in music: 1966 The Supremes

(KFVS) - Let's drop a couple of quarters in the old jukebox of memories and check out the songs being played on the radio 51 years ago.

This week in 1966, Billboard's Hot 100 chart had The Hollies at number five with Bus Stop.  It was the British bands first hit in the U.S.  The Hollies are one of the few British groups of the 1960's, along with the Rolling Stones who never disbanded and still record and perform today.

The Association checked in at number four with Cherish. It  was the California band's first number one hit and Billboard ranked it as the number two song of 1966.

Donovan was in the number three spot with Sunshine Superman.  The song is considered a classic from the mid-60's and is Donovan's signature song.  The song contains the famous lyric Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me. I can make like a turtle and dive for your pearls in the sea.

In the number two spot was Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.  It was the most successful Beatles song to feature Ringo Starr as lead vocalist.  The song was written mostly be Paul McCartney as a song for children.  We mentioned Donovan a short time ago, according to John Lennon, Donovan helped with the lyrics coming up with the line Sky of Blue, Sea of Green.
Two years after its release, Yellow Submarine  went on to become the basis for an animated movie.

In the top spot for this week in '66 was The Supremes with You Can't Hurry Love.  The song was inspired by a 1950's gospel song called You Can't Hurry God, He's Right on Time.  In fact the first lines of the two songs are almost identical with the Supremes version substituting Love for God.

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