SIU students react to new grading system

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - This fall semester marks the first for a new grading system at Southern Illinois University and students don't seem to like it too much.

Before, the school operated on a standard grading system. A 90-100% gets you an A and a 4.0 towards students GPA, 80-89% a B and 3.0, and so on. Now the school is implementing a +/- system changing the points towards a students grade point average, according to the school.

So now, if SIU students get a 92% in a class, for example, they receive an A- in a class. This would grant them 3.667 points toward their GPA, bringing what used to be a perfect grade slightly lower. On the other hand, if a student receives a grade of 88%, they get a B+. This gives them 3.33 points toward their GPA bringing it up from the 3.0 points they would have received in previous semesters.

Based on students' responses on campus, they would rather be graded with the old, straightforward system. Some say the new system makes it too difficult to get a perfect grade point average.

"I'm not very pleased with it. A C- is now a failing grade which means more students are going to fail," said Levi Anglin.

"I don't like it at all. I think it makes things more confusing and the work ethic harder to adjust to," said Cassidy Baltierra.

"From a person that normally gets A's, if I get a 91% or a 92% in a class and it counts as an A- which isn't a 4.0, that's kind of ridiculous," said Colton Newlin.

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