Floridian SIU football families stuck in Heartland

Floridian SIU football families stuck in Heartland

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Head coach for Southern Illinois University's football team, Nick Hill, opened up his weekly press conference Monday, Sept. 11 by acknowledging the destruction brought upon Florida from Hurricane Irma.

He said several of his athletes are from the Sunshine State. According to Hill, three of their families traveled to Carbondale to see their season opener against Mississippi State Valley and are now stuck in the Heartland due to travel complications.

"Several families came to Carbondale for the game and they are actually still here. We got a little bit of relief from the NCAA to see what we can do to help out while the families are in Carbondale, they will have to stay for a few days and stay in hotels. So we still have 3 families that will be here most of the week until they can get back to Florida."

Details are still being gathered on what is being done to help these families or when they will be able to get home.

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