Food stand at SEMO District Fair turns 70

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The SEMO District Fair has many choices for food. However, one stands apart from most.

The Grace United Methodist Church stand has been apart of the fair for the last 70 years. In addition to that, it has been in the very same location for that long as well.

"To do anything for that long, a lot of people don't even live that long. For us to be doing this in virtually the same spot for so many years; we've got a new shelter this year, but the other one was almost 60 years old. They just know where to come," Hopkins said.

Matt Hopkins, Chairman of the stand said one major reason for the success has been the support from the community.

"People come back year after year and have the fish and some of the other things," Hopkins added. "To support something that has been here so long and something that's been a part of the fair since 1947."

Hopkins said this has so many memories they have shared throughout the years here.

"I'm really pleased that each year have these new youngsters come along and we have people that say, 'Yeah I've worked out here in 1975 when I was a scout,'" Hopkins said. "That's really good. We have many people coming up in the church that are beginning to take on leadership roles."

The stand specializes in fish but also has many other food options as well.

Some of the volunteers helping out are the Boy Scout Troop 4002 from Cape Girardeau.

"The scouts have had a long tradition," Hopkins said. "We've sponsored the scout troop since 1928," Hopkins said. "Every year now they work Monday and Tuesday nights and then part of the profits from this help go to support them with their endeavors."

The SEMO District Fair will continue until Saturday, September 16.

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