Floridian SIU student shares family's plan for Irma

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Tanner Hearn moved to the Heartland from Orlando, Florida and he says he's been thinking about his family back home since Irma started headed their way.

Hearn plays on the SIU football team as a quarterback.

He says his family was planning on traveling to Carbondale for his first game tomorrow, but with the storm headed toward Florida they are staying home to prepare.

Hearn talked about a special attitude Floridians have about hurricanes.

"A lot of the time people will just hunker down for a few days until it passes. The attitude is that it's not going to bad as it seems or what people think," says Hearn.

This storm is a little bit different. Hearn says his family will probably board up the house for this one as well as stockpile provisions and possibly get a generator ready.

He says it's nice to be away from the storm but he still feels a sense of worry.

With family in Orlando, he says his family isn't evacuating but they are going to hunker down and wait it out.

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