Sikeston Kentucky Fried Chicken Robbery

Sikeston Kentucky Fried Chicken Robbery
By:  Wes Wallace
Sikeston, MO -- A man enters a Sikeston Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and leaves with more than just a bucket of original recipe.
Friday afternoon's robbery in Sikeston marks the second time a KFC store in the Heartland gets hit, in less than a day.
Right now, investigators aren't sure if the Sikeston robbery is connected to Thursday night's incident in Cape Girardeau. There are some differences in the crimes. The Cape Girardeau robbery involved two men with masks and what looked like a weapon. Those men are still on the loose. The Sikeston robbery was just one man, no mask, and no known weapon, but investigators are still trying to see if the two are somehow connected.
Sikeston Department of Public Safety officers quickly responded and located the suspect. His name isn't being released, but he will be charged with the crime.