Governor Greitens announces 856 new jobs

Governor Greitens announces 856 new jobs

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Governor Eric Greitens visited Kansas City and St. Louis to celebrate the growth of several Missouri companies on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

He also announced the state's plans to create more than 800 jobs and invest a combined $53.3 million into their station operations.

"Our mission is more jobs and higher pay and we are getting results," said Gov. Eric Greitens. "856 new jobs is 856 lives changed. It's 856 families' lives changed. We are proud to be fighting for Missouri families every day."

Greitens met with workers and leaders to walk through expansion plans for Rosnet, who plans to create 50 new jobs in Parkville, Missouri, Spring Venture Group who plans to create 681 new jobs in Kansas City, Missouri, and Seyer Industries, Inc. who plans to create 125 new jobs in St. Louis.

"I am looking forward to the expansion of our staff and facilities here in Parkville. I believe that Governor Greitens has the best interests of Missouri's businesses in mind with the economic development policies that he has proposed," said Gene Peters, President and CEO of Rosnet.

Governor Greitens met with Spring Venture Group who will embark on a $25 million expansion and locate into a larger facility for its growing workforce.

Spring Venture Group's commitment to innovation and high performance has attracted talent from the Kansas City metro area.

"We couldn't be more excited about growing our company in Kansas City for many years to come," said Spring Venture Group CEO Chris Giuliani. "Downtown offers a central location in the metro for recruiting, Kansas City offers an incredible talent pool, and the activity going on downtown is very exciting to be a part of."

Wednesday afternoon, Greitens also traveled to St. Louis to met with Seyer Industries, Inc.

Seyer Industries, Inc. will also expand their work space through a $25 million capital investment.

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