Help coming to Texas ranchers from the Heartland

(KFVS) - Jeanette Webb said she's heard all about the people affected by hurricane Harvey but not much about the livestock affected by flooding. So she decided to do something about it and began collecting as much feed as members of the Heartland community could donate to send off to Texas.

"These animals are part of their lives. For these generations of ranchers, it's there livelihood."

After the long weekend she said she's got almost 24,000 pounds.

Brian Sumrall is a rancher in Houston Texas who is on the receiving end of donations like these. According to him, the situation in Texas is not looking good. He said that Texas is currently in it's grass growing season, where feed for livestock is supposed to be growing right now.

He said it won't be likely ranchers in affected areas will be able to replenish their hay supply because some runoff water flooding their fields is polluted with things like sewage, oil, and salt water from storm surges from the coast.

A lot of beef comes from Texas. Sumrall believes the flooding is going to hurt the ranchers as they recover from this and the event will have a bigger economic impact.

"I expect the price of cattle on the hoof will go up in January. Significantly."

He also said ranchers are probably going to have to sell their cattle at a lower price to ranchers further up north who have resources to get them healthy enough to sell for meat in order to keep good beef on the market.

Sumrall said he and the other ranchers in the area are grateful for donations like the one Webb is organizing. Still, they can't get enough. He said that the amount Webb collected would last 500 cattle around a week and a half.

"It's like the drip of water in the dam, every little bit counts but we're getting there."

Webb said more hay is being donated but they need help getting it to those who need it. She said she would also like to send feed to ranches in Montana who have been having problems with wildfires since July.

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