Traffic stop in Union City, TN lands man behind bars on drug charges

Traffic stop in Union City, TN lands man behind bars on drug charges

UNION CITY, TN (KFVS) - Despite his best efforts, a man from Hopkinsville, Kentucky is facing drug charges after a K-9 officer detected drugs in his car.

According to a release from the Union City Police Department, an officer noticed an orange Mustang driving north in the 2400 block of North Everett Boulevard. The car did not move over as it passed another officer who was conducting a traffic stop.

Officer Scott Watkins stopped the Mustang driven by Bruce McClure, 37.

During the stop, Watkins asked McClure where he was traveling from. McClure reportedly said he was driving home to Hopkinsville from a trip to New Mexico with a friend. Watkins asked where his friend was and McClure said he meant to say he went to New Mexico to meet up with a friend.

Officer Watkins asked McClure if there was anything illegal in the car that he brought back from his trip. According to Watkins' report, McClure pulled out his legal prescription for Xanax and said that's the only thing he had in the car. When asked if there were any illegal substances in the vehicle, McClure denied there was anything in the car and consented to the K-9 sniffing around his car.

The K-9 alerted to the smell of narcotics and that's when McClure reportedly admitted that he had marijuana in a cooler in the trunk of the car. During an interview at the police department, McClure said he'd put the marijuana in sealed jars inside the cooler in hopes of keeping the smell down from Law Enforcement in case he was stopped during his trip home.

Watkins wrote that the 4.7 ounces of marijuana in McClure's car was "very high grade." He also reportedly had two small containers with marijuana buds inside. McClure admitted that the sole purpose of his trip was to go to a marijuana dispensary in Colorado where he bought the marijuana.

McClure faces several charges including possession of a schedule six drug with the intent for resale and violation of the move over law.

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