Marion VFW unveils new WWII monument

MARION, IL (KFVS) - The Marion VFW Post 1301 unveiled a new monument honoring WWII Veterans on Saturday, Sept. 2.

This monument joins the Veterans Living Memorial that was dedicated in 2005.

Many came out to the event which included WWII Veterans to see the new monument.

One WWII Veteran which said he appreciates being remembered, even after several decades later.

"We were here when they put up the other stuff," WWII Veteran Sam Chamness said. "It's good that we get it. A lot of people forget about it. But it's okay."

Vietnam Veteran Mike Gunter who was part of the ceremony said it's important to honor and remember those who served during WWII and publicly apologized for putting up a monument honoring WWII Veterans any sooner.

"The WWII guys, we waiting way too long. They waited way too long in Washington D.C. for the monument," Gunter said. "Most of us that are involved out here, the ones that built this memorial, and set these other stones for Korean and Vietnam, all Vietnam Veterans. We just messed up. We should have done it a long time ago."

Regardless of the timing, Chamness felt appreciated and said he feels WWII Veterans have had support for long before this memorial went up.

"We got more than that (support). There's a lot of good people that recognized what happened," Chamness added.

Gunter feels regardless of the monument, Veterans will and should be remembered. He even added that his hope is that children will see this and learn more about what they did as well.

"Some kid will read that some day and he's going to learn about WWII," Gunter said. "He's going to learn what they did. They saved the entire world. These guys are truly heroes!"

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