Burn ban continues in 3 IL communities

ALEXANDER COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Horseshoe Lake Fire District remains under a burn ban as of September 26 as well as Tamms and McClure in Illinois.

According to Fire Chief Mike Honey, recent rains were not enough to lift the ban.

Honey said this means farmers must not burn fields. This puts other people's property at risk. The ban will continue until further notice.

During this time of the year farmers burn their fields to remove plants that are already growing and to help the plants that are about to come up.

Honey sat Horseshoe Lake's burn ban on Saturday, September 2.

"Just the simple fact, it takes on ember that can travel several hundred yards and drop it down somewhere else you may not know that until its got someone else's property on fire or forest tree limb, anything like that," Honey said.

In hopes of having better crops each year, Honey said he would like to see three to four of rain over a weeks time before he lifts the ban.

Without a measurable rainfall in a while, it's really dry outside.

Honey put burn order in place to warn people before they burn their trash.

He explained that embers can spread fast and put not only your home at risk, but also your neighbors' home.

"It's getting real dry. The weather is going to start to change," Honey said. "It's going to start cooling off and people are going to want to start and get out and start clearing things up. and right now we just don't want people to burn anything until we get some rainfall. Last year we had a no burn band about this time last year. and we had several brush fires last year."

These firefighters that volunteer their time are cautioning us this year, especially people that live in rural areas next to wooded areas.

If you are under a burn ban, here's what you can and cannot burn:

No burning of any brush piles or any household trash.

Businesses that use outdoor burning may call the Horseshoe Lake Fire District to apply for a burn permit if necessary.

You can still, however, light up the grill with no problems.

Keep the grill away from dry grass and always have extra water on hand just in case.

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