Southern IL animal shelter sending help to Houston

Southern IL animal shelter sending help to Houston

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Teams are also gearing up to help out even our furry little friends.

St. Francis CARE Animal Shelter in Murphysboro is collected donations, packed up their van and headed down south.

Sunday, Sept. 3, the van full of animals headed back to Southern Illinois for a 15-16 hour journey.

Animal shelter President, Diane Daugherty, jumped to the call for help.

Daugherty questions,"Are we needed? Are we wanted? And the answer was yes and yes," so she got the ball rolling in Southern Illinois in just 24 hours.

"Our mission is to rescue animals…here, Texas, wherever we're needed," she says, so they took to social media for help with donations. One after the other cars came in to drop of donations before they depart.

"They sent us a list of what they needed. Then we started putting that on Facebook…40,000 views and look where we are," Daugherty explains.

They are taking supplies, but they're not coming back empty-handed. "And we have lined up with the rescue to being the dogs that were up for adoption before all this happen backed to Southern Illinois so that will free up kennel space for the dogs that need temporary shelter with homes," Daugherty explains.

They will caravan with MARS Animal Shelter and their goal is bring back 30 to 40 "pre-storm sheltered" dogs. They're taking St. Francis Veterinarian, Kay Creese, to treat any animal that needs it. "There are a lot of people that need help and that certainly is a priority, but there are animals too," explains Creese.

Daugherty agrees, "People can take care of themselves but animals cant." Even a lady who dropped off donation, Trudy Eads, says, "Just a part of your life. It's just as important for them to be taken care of as well as the people."

So even though the kennels are almost filled food, supplies and medications, they are still accepting donations, and even cash donations up until 12 noon tomorrow before they leave for Houston.

The group of three will leave tomorrow at 5pm, then they will drive 12 hours straight through the night.

Their first stops will be Rescued Pet Movement and Bark Animal Shelter. They will be back on Sunday.

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