Nashville District prepares for Hurricane Harvey weather

Nashville District prepares for Hurricane Harvey weather

NASHVILLE, TN (KFVS) - The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District Water Management Center is preparing for heavy rain from remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

The areas of the lower Cumberland River Basin will be managing the release of water from dams to reduce flood risk.

Water Management Section Chief Anthony Rodino said, "We have been releasing water through the spillway at J. Percy Priest Dam to recover additional storage capacity, and we are lowering main stem Cumberland River projects toward the lower end of their normal operating ranges to prepare for the rain and anticipated runoff."

Water managers work closely with operators at the dams to be on top of conditions and make operations changes if necessary.

"The Nashville District is monitoring the situation closely as the storm system approaches and passes through the region," Rodino said.

The spillway operation at J. Percy Priest Dam is expected to be discontinued at 4 p.m. Aug. 31.

Old Hickory, Cheatham, and Barkley Dams will be generating all available hydropower units the rest of Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

The Nashville's District's goal during high water events is to reduce downstream impacts to people and their property as much as possible while safely maintaining the damn facilities and structures.

Corps officials have been in communication with federal, state and local partners, including the Tennesssee Valley Authority, regarding the storm forecasts and its potential impacts.

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