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Sex Offender Photographs Online

Sex Offender Photographs Online
By: CJ Cassidy

Some Missouri sheriffs are turning up the heat on convicted sex offenders.

Starting August 28th, certain departments across the state will post photographs of offenders who have completed their sentences.

Those photos will be on individual sheriff's department's web sites.

We spoke with a woman whose young daughter was sexually abused, as well as a sex offender; they had very different views on the issue, and only agreed to talk to us if we would protect their identities.

"My stepdaughter was left alone with a family member and he molested her," victim Lyn Stockton's says.

Her story sounds disturbingly similar to the one another man shared with me, except in his case he was the offender.

"I made a mistake. I touched a person in the wrong way," the offender says and admits the victim was a child, and a family member.

The offenders were punished in both instances, but Stockton says a prison sentence alone isn't enough when child molesters and pedophiles are concerned.

"You hear on the news all the time that people kidnap children. Those are repeat offenders, and they are people already registered in system still doing it," she says.

Lt. David James at the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department agrees. He hopes posting offenders photographs online, will help make a difference.

"Having photographs will help with facial recognition. We're also working on setting up links so that when you click photographs you come up with addresses of where these offenders live," James says.

The measure terrifies the former offender.

"When you tell people you're convicted of a felony, it's hard enough to get a job, then they put your picture online that's impossible there," the man says, adding "a person can change you know, I did."

Meanwhile Lyn Stockton's just glad she can keep track of offenders in her area without ever leaving her home.

"I think it's gonna make people more aware they need to protect their children," she says.

A few counties in Southeast Missouri plan on posting those photos.

Several others say they're considering it.

The Missouri Highway Patrol also hopes to have photographs of offenders listed on their web site.

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