Marion, IL chapel being restored with help from the city and public

MARION, IL (KFVS) - A chapel in Marion Illinois has been in the town for 99 years and city leaders thought it was time for an upgrade.

The Goddard Chapel is located in the Rose Hill Cemetery. It is one of five places in Marion that is national registry of historical places.

The Chapel was built in 1918 as a memorial for WWI soldiers by the Women's Business Club who contacted Leroy Goddard a former Mayor of the city who donated the money.

"There aren't a lot of places around that reflect a significant historical events, this is one of them," President of the Williamson County Historical Society Sam Lattuca said. "This gives everyone a time to look back on how things were made, the craftsmanship that went into them and all the history that they've seen."

The City along with the National Historical Society of Marion and the Goddard Preservation Committee are hoping to restore the pews inside of it. The pews original color has darkened over the years. The Chapel has 23 pews each one costing $1,000 dollars to restore them to their original color.

$16,000 has been raised and they are looking for more donations from the public. To raise the money, plaques with their names on it are being sold to those who donate. Once enough money for the pews has been collected they hope to move on to restoring some of the art glass and woodwork inside the chapel.

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