Congressman Jason Smith in Sikeston, MO on 'Farm Tour'

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Congressman Jason Smith was on Sikeston, Missouri on Monday, Aug 28 to hold a roundtable as part of his ongoing "Farm Tour" in Southeast Missouri.

He will travel to Springfield, Mo as well to be in the city when President Donald Trump is expected to make a visit. The president is expected to speak on tax reform, a topic Congressman Smith has been vocal about changing.

"We haven't reformed the tax code since 1986. I was taking earlier, we have changed the tax code over 6,000 times with awful special interest loopholes," Smith said. "We need to eliminate that. We need to simplify the code, lower the rates, make it to where people can fill out their taxes on a simple piece of paper and more people have more money instead of the government."

The White House said the president will be speaking at a manufacturing company. It will be a closed event, no tickets are available to the public.

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