Reynolds Co. Courthouse closed due to bats infestation

REYNOLDS COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Employees of the Reynolds County Courthouse are concerned about their health when they discovered several bat droppings in the attic.

Reynolds County Presiding Commissioner Joe Loyd said when his office found out about the droppings arrangements were made to take care of it.

"We're trying to be very cautious with it. We realize there are certain diseases that bats carry. We want to look out for the health and well being for all of our employees plus the patrons that come visit the courthouse," said Loyd.

In the mean time, the courthouse is closed to both employees and patrons.

According to the CDC, when bat droppings are believed to be found you should closely monitor your health.

Floyd said he hopes to have the courthouse open by the end of next week.

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