SIU school starts; students voice concerns

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Classes at SIU have officially started. It comes as the school's Financial Stability Plan calls for $26 Million in budget cuts. Amid the potential budget cuts, students are feeling the effects in more ways than one.

One senior biological science major, Mitchel Ogbuji, was let go from his campus job due to cuts at SIU.

"The budget cut actually affected me because I had a job at the college of science advising office in the summer. And they had to let three student workers off because they had something that had to do with the budget," Ogbuji explained, but he's optimistic this Fall.  "Since this is my senior year,  I'm kind of excited and pumped. I'm like ready to take on anything like no matter how difficult the classes seem like, I'm ready for it."

Even though it is only the second day of classes at SIU, there are many concerns of students is not just budget cut, but more simple problems, like textbooks.

"I hope the cost of textbooks go down really really good. Textbooks are like really expensive," Ogbuji said.

Kole Price, freshman, mortuary science and funeral service agrees.

"They are very expensive. Right now a workbook I have to get is like $80 just for the workbook not the actual textbook," Price said.

"They need to knock the prices down for the books… $200 for book that you're not going to even use…ridiculous," Terrence Little, senior criminal justice major, said.

The elected Student Trustee, Sam Beard,  couldn't solve the textbook price problem, but he did speak of his confidence in the university.

"I think we are all nervous as to where the financial situation of the university is going to go,"  Beard said. "I think we have faith that the right decisions are going to be made with the right intentions and the right motives. And we look forward to the rest of the semester."

University spokesperson tells me they wont know how the cuts affect enrollment just yet.

Lastly, Avian Wilkins, a freshman political science major, explained, "I'm going with the flow though. I'm not like super excited and super geeked up, but I'm just kind of like feeling it out."

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