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6/14/01 - Counterfeit Drugs

We recently focused a viewpoint on a drug manufacturer being sued by the attorney general of New York State and 15 other states for allegedly paying off another manufacturer to hold back the generic version of the heart drug.  Now there is another problem in the pharmaceutical industry that's coming to light and experts say the issue exists, once again, to the escalating prices in the industry.

Counterfeit drugs are coming to America and our public health officials say it's no laughing matter.  There seems to be an explosion of drugs coming from other countries through the Internet.  The World Health Organization, quoted recently in the press, says up to 40% of medications in the country of Colombia are believed to be fake. Now, because of the ease of Internet sales, counterfeit drugs are making their way to the shelves in pharmacies in at least eight states. By the way, these knockoffs are not generics, they are brand names.

A New York pharmacy wholesaler is going to be sentenced for distributing counterfeit drugs.  If you don't think this is serious get these numbers:  the World Health Organization says at least 16% of counterfeit drugs have the wrong ingredients, 17% have incorrect amounts of ingredients, and 60% have no active ingredients at all.

I don't have an answer for this one.  It's almost like, if you don't know your diamonds, at least know your jeweler.  Don't take anything for granted when it comes to prescriptions…make sure you talk to your doctors and pharmacists.  It's your body.

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