40 years later SIU roommates return to old dorm room for eclipse

40 years later SIU roommates return to old dorm room for eclipse

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The signs are everywhere and Southern Illinois University is ready and waiting for the eclipse and that includes some of the oldest dorms on campus.

Many people are looking to make a memory with the eclipse coming on Monday, Aug. 21 but at least two men in Carbondale, Illinois are getting to relive some memories while they wait for the big event.

People like these guys got in to town on Saturday for a chance to explore the area.

For Greg Feeny and David Ellis it's more like re-discover the area, including their old dorm room

The two lived in room 1306 at Southern Illinois University, 40 years ago and now are getting the chance to stay there one last time.

It's an odd feeling they said but it makes this trip that much more memorable.

"These dorms were built in 66… 67 I think so right at 60 years old."

The dorm is allowing people to stay in them for the Eclipse weekend.

Greg Feeny and David Ellis are two of those staying here. And their room has a special meaning for them.

"I've mentioned it to several people around the dorm that we're back in our old room from 40 year's ago and they all say that is so cool that is so neat," Ellis said.

Staying in the same  dorm room causes some reminiscing.

"This room would be packed on Saturday nights," Ellis said

"Remember how we got the bob Dylan tickets," Feeny added

"You know it was all related to studying… it was just study study study… That's my story… I'm sticking to it," Ellis said.

The two spent almost two years living in the suite. They first moved in in the Fall of 1975.

"You know this building in front was there when we were here but most of all of that on the hillside back there is new," Ellis explained.

To get their same view all they had to do was ask when they made the reservation.

"I told them I would take care of the room much better now than I did 40 years ago," Feeny said.

They'll be the last ones to stay in the room before the tower is taken down, which makes this weekend that much more memorable.

"The eclipse was special but being able to come back to this room for one last time just makes it a little bit extra special for the weekend," Ellis said.

The two plan on being in the stadium during the Eclipse and they said they're hoping for two things; the first being some cheering when the totality is finally reached and the second just some clear skies so we can all enjoy it.

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