High Tech Security at Daycare

High Tech Security at Daycare
By: Carly O'Keefe
Craineville, IL - Parents are always concerned about leaving their kids with a babysitter-- even at an established daycare.
That’s why one Heartland day care provider is trying to put parents at ease, but putting their kids on the web. Digital cameras installed in each classroom of the Unkiditional Love Learning Center allow parents to check in on their children any time they like.
"Working full time, I feel I miss out on a lot. So I get to check up on him, see how he's doing," said Michelle Lincoln.
Lincoln is a first-time mother, and web casting has helped her feel more comfortable with leaving her son at daycare while she’s at work.
"It really calms your fears, I can tell if he eats his breakfast, or if he doesn't, and I know that he quits crying the second after I walk out the door,” Carter said.
But posting images of children on the Internet could provide predators a window into the daycare.
"I think any parent should be concerned about the well being of their child, especially anything on the web,” said father Michael Carter.
But at the Unkiditional Love Learning Center, parents aren't terribly concerned about on-line dangers, because the daycare has taken precautions to prevent uninvited eyes from accessing the site.
"You have to go in and they give you a name and password, and then once you get passed that, you have a to have another password to see the pictures so that made me feel a little bit more comfortable,” said mother Amber Kinsey.
The two passwords to get onto the web site are frequently changed, and there are other safeguards too.
"Also we don't use any names on the web site at all,” said Unkiditional Love Learning Center Director Gail Johnson.
So while daycare web casting does offer peace of mind for mom and dad, day care officials are working hard to limit the site to parents’ eyes only.
"My thing is you're leaving us with your biggest treasure. And you can't be too careful,” Johnson said.