Heartland teacher uses military memorabilia to teach history

Heartland teacher uses military memorabilia to teach history

ESSEX, MO (KFVS) - One Heartland teacher uses more than just books to bring history to life for his students.

Paul Arnold teaches at Richland R-1 Schools. He teaches different subjects, but said his favorite is history.

"When you look at history and you look at the constitution and all the important documents that we have, somewhere in some shape form or fashion the military is related to that," said Arnold.

He's been collecting military history for years, so many, he can't pick a favorite.

"I have several. It's hard to pick just one," he said.

Arnold has gotten pieces from people he knows, people he doesn't know and even former students who served in the military.

"I love all of my students, those are probably the ones that mean the most to me," he said.

Luke Rhodes, a senior at Richmond, said he's always been fascinated with the military.

"They're just jackets now, there are no bodies in them each and every one of these, there was pride that went along with it," Rhodes said.

He uses his collection to teach a bigger lesson, and that every uniform tells a story.

"It's good for them [students] to see that this is real," Arnold said. "Every one of these kids that sent their uniforms sat in school and they were bored or excited, just like them."

He said the students are allowed to touch all of the stuff because holding history makes it a little easier to understand.

Arnold said his passion for history and the military came from hearing World War II stories from his grandpa.

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