Countdown to Heartland Eclipse 2017: How exact are the eclipse maps?

(KFVS) - We have been showing you the maps of the best place to view the eclipse, but an article in the Kansas City Star said that the maps may not be correct. So should you worry?

According to the reporter Eric Adler , who has talked to the scientist and cartographers who helped design the maps, said the issue is near the northern and southern edges of the eclipse where sun gazers are only expecting to get a few second of totality.

And the reason for the ambiguity is the one thing that we don't know for sure, the exact size of the sun.

Since the sun is made up of mixture of gases the size is variable. We know the size of the moon, we know the distance the moon is away from the planet.  But if the sun is larger or smaller than expected totality will not be exactly where the maps says it will be.

Scientists have said they could be wrong as little as a football field or as much as a half mile.

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