Heartland woman writes song about eclipse

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Everyone is inspired to use their eyes on the day of the eclipse but one Heartland artist was inspired to use her voice.

Jeannie Hinck has been singing for about 40 years.

"This is the first eclipse song I've ever written."

For this song she said she was inspired by conversations she's had

"There's nothing statistical about this, just people talking and what people might expect," said Hinck.

She said one thing her and her sister talked about was what will happen to the New Madrid fault.

"So I thought I'd incorporate that," she said.

She'll be at her friends party during the eclipse.

"And I'll of course sing the song for the guests," said Hinck

Click here to hear the full song that only took two days to write.

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