3 exercises to fight flabby arms

3 exercises to fight flabby arms

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Want to know the secret to getting rid of under arm flab?

"It's a very common question I get all the time, especially from ladies," fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson said. "We're taking about the triceps (the back of the upper arm). Anything that's going to work and strengthen that muscle and build it because that's all toning is. That's going to help. Anything where you're working to extend the elbow and then flex it again is going to help with that area."

So, Crowson shared her top 3 exercises to tackling that trouble spot.

1. Overhead tricep extension: 

You will want a dumbbell for this exercise or resistance band.

"You'll definitely want to go heavier than five pounds because you're going to use both arms for this," Crowson said. "Most people can probably handle between 10 and 20 pounds even for a beginner."

Lift the dumbbell up over your head, holding one end of the dumbbell in your hands.

Then, keeping your arms close to your head, bend your elbows, and then come back up to a full extension.

2. Dips:

"They're one of my favorite exercises," Crowson said. "They are really great for the tricep."

You will need a chair or a bench for this exercise.

Put the heels of your hands right next to your hips.

Then, lift your hips off the chair.

Keeping your hips close to the bench, you are going to bend your arms and then straighten them back up.

3. Modified plyometric push up:

"All plyo means is that you're using explosive movements or power," Crowson said.

You can do them on any elevated surface, whether it is a wall or railing.

Lean forward on the elevated surface in a push up like position.

From there, you go down into a push up, push off the elevated surface, come back to the push up position and then repeat.

Crowson says you can do these exercises as often as you want to do them, doing as many as you can until you get tired.

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