Discovery Playhouse offers early glimpse at 2017, 2024 solar eclipses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Discovery Playhouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri is a place where young children can go to explore the world around them.

With the total solar eclipse coming up in less than a week, the facility is looking forward to educating children about the cosmos.

According to Molly Wilhelm, the director of the discovery playhouse in Cape Girardeau, they will have this opportunity.

"I'm very excited for this to happen. I think it's a really cool thing for our community and the surrounding communities to get to do, see and experience," Wilhelm said.

The Discovery Playhouse has a computer simulator that can show viewers what the eclipse will look like before it ever happens.

The simulator is able to calculate the exact position of every star and planet normally visible from the earth.

According to Wilhelm, you can also look into upcoming celestial events too.

"We're able to look ahead into the future at the eclipse that will happen in 2024," said Wilhelm.

She hopes to be able to ignite a spark in a young person's curiosity and expose them to since.

"Maybe there's a kid that they don't like science so much but, they come here, they come to a planetarium show and they say wow, you know, stars and planets and the sun and the moon, that's pretty awesome.

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