Fighting the War on Meth at Home

Fighting the War on Meth at Home
By: Arnold Wyrick
MURPHYSBORO, IL -- The war on meth took on a whole new phase on Monday afternoon. That's when Allen Milton and his neighbor John Mason confronted one another over a sign Milton posted on his property stating, Meth for Sale, with arrows pointing towards his neighbors.
"The drug dealers and the meth makers have taken their operations outside of town, to avoid detection from law enforcement," says Allen Milton.
As the two men began yelling at one another over the sign and accusations being made, Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies had to step in to calm tempers.
"We've had enough of this, this must stop," Milton said.
Milton says he's called police on numerous occasions to complain about the noise and illegal activities taking place at his neighbors over the past couple of years.
"My biggest concern is for the children and the safety of the neighborhood. Because when they cook the methamphetamine the cloud that comes off, depending upon the wind direction drifts off, and we can smell it," Milton said.
Deputies searched Mason's home and property on Bluebird Trail Monday afternoon, and found nothing to indicate any illegal drug activity. But they did state they've made arrested several people in the past for illegal activity.
"This is not going to quit until people stop turning a blind eye. That's why I'm standing up now for our neighborhood children. And our good neighbors we have back here. It's a good place to live," Milton said.
Several of Milton's neighbor's agreed with him that they wanted something done about all the traffic going in and out at all hours, and noise coming from the Mason's home.
In the end deputies asked Milton to take down the, Meth for Sale, sign. And told the two men to contact their lawyers to settle the matter in civil court.