SIU prepares to document solar eclipse

SIU prepares to document solar eclipse

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - As thousands prepare around the world for the total solar eclipse, Southern Illinois University Carbondale's documentary crew plans to capture it all.

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts will be capturing all events surround the August 21st total solar eclipse.

"People are coming here from far away; how many filmmakers and creative people would love to come here and cover this?" said H.D. Motyl, interim chair of the Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media.

"We are lucky to be right here in the middle. This is just so obvious this needs to be covered."

Motyl and Stoffel, a digital media systems special and instructor, agree that the documentary's perspective will be different than focusing on the sky.

10 camera crews inside the stadium plan to capture people's reactions.

Crews will also be outside the stadium and in the region during the day interview watchers, local residents, police and volunteers.

Their goal is to have a one-hour documentary that can air on WSIU-TV by the end of the year.

If all plans go right, Motyl and Stoffel will have over 100 hours of film that they plan to send to festivals.

The documentary will also include "citizen journalism," where the filmmakers will include public footage showing responses to the eclipse.

Anyone who is interested in submitting footage and the chance to be included in this documentary, send footage to

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