Pink up August Newsletter

It's time again to think Pink Up. Breast cancer is the second leading cancer killer in U.S. women. Take the time today and on the 12th of every month to do a self-exam.

This month, we'll tell you about two ways legislators and doctors are making sure women across the Heartland get checked. The first, is in southern Illinois. That's where we find a State Representative spearheading legislation to make it so insurance companies would be required to cover MRI screenings for women. The second is at Saint Francis Medical Center where women are being called to get on board the "Mamm Van."

Amanda Hanson will share the details in this month's pink up report on the Breakfast Show and Heartland News at 6 on August 12, 2017. In the meantime, tell your friends to sign up to receive this monthly newsletter to remind them to get checked.