Officer Receives National TASER Award

Officer Receives National TASER Award
By: Ryan Tate
DEXTER, MO --Dexter Officer Tony Roberts received an award Monday night for his use of a TASER last December.
The award is from TASER International, the company who makes the weapon. The honor is named after John H. Cover, the inventor of the TASER. It is given to officers who "commit a heroic act with a TASER device to save a life or avert the potential for life threatening injury."
According to Dexter Police Officers, the incident happened in December 2004, when the officers responded to a call in which 45 year old Clinton Queen of Kennett, was threatening to teach three children how to slit their own wrists.
According to Officer Roberts, he and three other officers made it to scene, and saw Queen with a butcher knife to his throat. When Queen would not put the knife down or talk to officers, Roberts fired his TASER.
"As soon as the probe hit him, he dropped the knife and said 'I won't do that again.'"
Dexter Police Chief Paul Haubold says his department started using the TASERs in July 2004. So far they have fired the weapons 13 times.
"Prior to that it was a common occurrence for an officer to get hurt trying to subdue someone," Chief Haubold said. "In all 13 occasions it protected the lives of the officers and the suspect."
Queen was arrested, charged with two counts of Endangering the Life of a Child, and sentenced to two years probation. Currently, Queen is in the Dunklin County Jail on an unrelated charge.