Truck drivers prepare for traffic during total solar Eclipse

Truck drivers prepare for traffic during total solar Eclipse

(KFVS) - The Heartland's population will swell as we get closer to Heartland Eclipse 2017 and that means there will be more cars on our roads and interstates.

Life on the road is a reality for our nation's truck drivers. So how are they preparing for the extra traffic we'll see?

A few different area trucking companies said unfortunately there's not a whole lot they can do for their drivers.

They said that they will make sure their drivers know to be extra alert on the roads and be on the lookout for the extra people on the road.

They are also telling their drivers to make sure they get on the road as early as possible and try to be out of the area.

One driver out of Southern Illinois said the best thing he can think to do is try and just work around it.

"I think, so... but it's probably gonna take you know days each way of that for the crowds... so you can't shut it down everything because that..." driver Noble White said. "We're just gonna have to be careful and try to watch out."

Other things these companies are telling their driver is the same things we've told you.

Don't wear the Eclipse glasses while driving and keep your headlights on. If you want to look at the Eclipse make sure you get off the road.

But the major point they made is it's going to have to be just like any other day and be treated as business as usual.

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